Earning the title The Queen of Property by mastering building wealth in real estate, I  help people earn as they learn with my five types of no money deals.  I've shown students how to master flipping property and make 6 figure profits.  I've shared my formula on buying passive income property from day one putting my students on the cash rich pathway.  I also highlight my mistakes to stop you buying wrong leading to a cash poor life of struggle. 

My book Property Quadrants is a ground breaking international best seller that not only teaches you how to think about  property to become cash rich  but also to build sustainable passive income without the risk.  Why not put yourself on the pathway to live a life of financial freedom?

What is the ONE THING you wish you could get help with in order to reach the next level of your property investing journey? 

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"From the moment I met Nichole Lewis, I knew my life was going to change. Her positivity and can-do attitude was the ONE factor that helped us to buy our first property. She has gone out of her way to help me, she gave me sound advice, taught me about how to build my financial empire through Property, and I continue to learn from her. As a property mentor, she is the best!"
- Wiona van Huyssteen, NZ

The Passive Income Formula
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One-on-one Mentoring

Using the principles taught in my number one bestselling book "Property
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Currently CEO of The Property Lifestyle, with a background in banking, I moved into the training and development sphere teaching corporations how to be more profitable around in the world.  Taking an international position with a global property developer I flourished until the world turned upside-down  in 2008 when I found myself having to claw my way back up to the top from nothing. 
You know I'm a renowned public speaker, right?  Having spoken all around the world in both corporate and property settings.  I do limited  speaking engagements to inspire you, your team and even your customers.  Delivering your topic expertly by entertaining, motivating and inspiring your team for success.   Book me in now, whether it's a small conference or global event, before someone else does.
With over 20 years experience in the property industry, I can tell you one thing without any doubt;  If your goal is to create passive income, this is how to do it. As an experienced entrepreneur who has made millions in real estate investments, including flips with no money down, I generate 10x more revenue than I can spend every month while working less hours.  I'll show you exactly what steps are needed from beginning to end so  you too  can make more income in less time no matter where you're starting from.



What's life without fun?  I love to travel the world, take the kids on adventures and enjoy every single day I work, play and teach.  Time is finite in life so I believe you need to live every day on your terms.  Do what you want, when you want.  Property is your vehicle to do exactly that. 


Family is my number one value.  I want to lead by example for my children and give them every opportunity in the world.  And show others how to give their children the best life possible through property. 


I've lived with those shackles of stress and struggle.  I know what it's like to feel sick wondering how to buy food.  I've also lived a millionaire's life with financial freedom, opportunity and prosperity.  I know which I prefer.  I know how to show you exactly how to become free yourself. 

You can live a millionaire's life free from all financial worries with abundant opportunity and prosperity by following the steps in this free training. 
 Or you can keep living with financial stress and struggle like I did before I created my pathway to wealth.
So which will you choose?


When I was one year old my mother died in a car accident in South Africa.

At 18 months old I moved to  New Zealand to live  with my grandparents who became mum and dad to me. 

When I was 14 my 'dad' passed away and it was just 'mum' and me.  Mum lived until 99 years old leaving a big hole in my life when she passed away. 

In 2002 I married Kelvin, the love of my life and we have  two wonderful children, Jakob and Jessika.

With a background in banking, I climbed the corporate ladder to an international position where I travelled the world. Today I have my dream job as the CEO of The Property Lifestyle helping others create their financial freedom.   

Buying my first property at 22 I quickly brought a  second property with no idea what I was doing. I bought wrong (like 95% of investors) which put me on the pathway to being cash poor.  
When the global financial crisis stuck in 2008 the big company I was working internationally for went under.  Leaving me with $120K on my credit card that was not going to be reimbursed.  That introduced me to dealing with debt collectors.  

My bank went into liquidation making it impossible to sell any property, which lead to  foreclosure and me learning about that first hand.  The result was I lost everything  by 2011 despite years of trying to keep everything afloat.  

I started over with nothing but determination to find a better future for my family.  Today we live in the county with our animals.  We own multiple investment properties.  We have millions of dollars in equity.  We have diverse investment portfolios.  I have invented Property Quadrants based on how I clawed my way back from nothing.  I teach others how to build their legacy and we give to those who need help. 


The Property Lifestyle is where you can find free resources, training, join the community and much more!

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